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Nice to meet you.

  • I love technology, and I love bringing it to the people.

  • I have a BS in Business from Babson College and a MEd in Instructional Design from UMASS Boston

  • I'm a master of connections: bringing people, ideas, stuff, together in ways noone has ever thought of before. 

  • I'm overtly enthusiastic and can be a huge nerd. In an endearing way, I promise. 


I've been on the Salesforce Cloud since 2011, starting work as a Product Manager to a leading AppExchange provider. I'm currently a Technical Writer at Salesforce


I have three Salesforce certifications and am currently working towards becoming a certified Salesforce Architect. I am especially interested in connecting multiple data sources to answer complex questions, teaching people about emerging technologies, and building really cool stuff.


My calling as always been in tech - one of my first photos is in front of a Commodore 64. 

I spent 16 years in competitive robotics programs and have an extensive knowledge of STEM nonprofit operations. My time here also honed my skills as a MacGyver - I once opened a stuck door with an eyelash curler, tweezers, and a high heel. 

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